Will I Regret a 13" MBP?

It is time for a new laptop and my neck and shoulders are begging me to get a 13" MacBook Pro instead of the 15". I’m on the go quite a bit and am sick of lugging the 15" around. I think from a power standpoint, I should be fine, right? The 13" quad core I5 with 16GB memory gets solid reviews. My main concern is really how difficult it is to use LR and PS on the 13" screen. I do not have an external monitor and would prefer not to buy one. Most of my editing is done while traveling anyway.

So I’d love to hear if anyone does regular editing work on a 13". Or has any issues running LR on it.

Side note - For my 2015 alum peeps who were there the day a gigantic cup of coffee got spilled on my brand new laptop and the expletives started rolling…this is the one! It made it 4 years and now it doesn’t recognize that it has a battery so it has to be plugged in to work at all. Apple looked at it but said “you spilled something sticky and brown on it” and gave it right back to me. I guess I should feel lucky it lasted this long with half of a Liquid Planet latte in it.

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I use a 13 inch laptop and love it!

Also, Apple just replaced the 15 inch with a 16 inch so the 13 might be even more desirable!

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That is good to know that you don’t have problems editing Forest. Although your eyes are a couple decades younger than mine. :wink: Yes, I saw that 16" announcement today and that made me wonder if a 14" will be coming next year. That would be ideal for me. But I can’t really wait that long. Thank you for weighing in!

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Forest, I thought you had switched (or were recommending switching) to PCs now. Is that still the case?

Thanks for this post. I am considering a new laptop as well and just learned about the 15" MAC becoming a 16", so I’ve wondered what it is like to work on a 13" screen. I do have a large monitor at home, but we travel half of the year when I only have my laptop. I’m also considering switching to a PC, for many reasons and I’ll be posting a question about this soon.

Yep. I do personally use PC.

There are some things I like more on PC and some that I like more on Mac. Either way, I recommend that most people just use what they are comfortable with / can afford.

I got the 13" MacBook Pro and I love it. I’ve only had it a few days and haven’t done a ton of LR editing yet but I think it is going to be worth any tradeoffs. Who knew what a difference one pound of weight could make. For my lifestyle and how much I’m on the go, this was the right call for me. Good luck with your decision Christal!

Thanks, Forest. I think the big stumbling block for me is that MACs can’t be upgraded. I recently became aware of that. It’s the same with their phones. I recently had to buy a new cell phone because my iPhone was only 15GB, and I wanted to install photo editing apps on it. I could not, and then I found out I couldn’t upgrade to a larger storage system. Ughh!!! So I jumped ship and went to an Android.

Thanks for this feedback. Sounds like you’re happy with your decision. If I get another MAC, it will definitely be the 13". And like you, we travel so much, both flying and by RV, so a smaller laptop will be great for that!

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A little late to the party, but wanted to throw my 2 cents in … :wink:

I added a 13" MBP to my workflow at year+ ago. Coming from a desktop with two 27" monitors, was a bit hesitant. Glad to say, I have no regrets!

One thing I did want to add to the conversation is that I’ve been using a Loupedeck+ for editing. One of the benefits, esp. on a 13" screen, is I can make just about any global adjustment using the full screen. Even without that, it’s still makes global edits a lot easier because it’s keyboard based and, once you memorize where things are (which doesn’t take long), you can also make the edits without taking your eyes off of the image (to move the mouse pointer, for example, if you were using the traditional approach).

To be sure, I’m not affiliated in anyway. I’m just wanting to share my own experiences given I too wasn’t sure about going to 13", and I’ve had a really good experience using the Loupedeck and editing using the full 13" screen.

Please feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:


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